A Perfect Week in London

It all started in June, when my husband came home one day after work and asked if I would like to go to London all by myself in September? At first I looked at him confused, I wasn’t sure if he was joking or if he actually did want to send me on a one week vacation alone without the children. But then slowly the excitement began to settle in, I couldn’t believe that I would be visiting London after a long three years (my last visit was in 2013).

London and I have always had a close relationship, even as a child I used to visit London every summer with my family. And living there for three years when I was at university, grew the bond between the city and I even stronger.

My husband further surprised me by booking my tickets for the week of London Fashion Week (yes I actually did get to attend my first few shows, more on that in the next few posts!). I have always admired British Fashion and British Designers, they never fail to impress and be unique during Fashion Week. They always produce looks that are more experimental, rebellious and edgy than the other Fashion Capitols (lets just say that they don’t play it safe). 

I was so excited because dressing up for Fashion Week is all about creating fun and unique statement looks (you want to be remembered for the right reasons). So, when I was packing for the trip I kept a few things in mind:

  • Representing Singapore – I thought it was important to represent Singapore in London, by wearing some of my favourite Singaporean Brands. And every time I styled a look with one of these pieces, people literally stopped me on the streets to ask where my outfit was from.
  • Staying close to my Personal Style – I made sure I choose outfits which represented my style, yet were trendy. This made sure I was comfortable and confident in my outfit choices.
  • Being Practical in London – I was so lucky to have the best weather during my stay (it didn’t even rain once and it was so pleasant). But I had made sure to pack pieces which could be layered and packed my most comfortable shoes, so I could walk for hours (I actually walked 18,000 steps on one of the days).

So my trip to London summarised in a sentence was absolutely amazing, it was all about Fashion, Shopping and spending time with my closest and dear friends.



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