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The Metallic trend has been in “Fashion” for the last few seasons, and this popular trend is not going anywhere yet. Designers are continuing to use metallic fabrics on their tops, jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers and more.

I personally love wearing metallics in any colour, shape, or form. And have many metallic pieces and accessories in my wardrobe.

When you are first trying to buy Metallics, don’t be overwhelmed by the shiny and shimmery pieces, have confidence and choose a piece that you truly love and feel comfortable wearing. This could be a bag, shoe, skirt, top or jacket; and always remember to keep the rest of your outfit neutral and simple. For example a Metallic statement skirt or pair of trousers with a simple White or Black Top.

Adding a Metallic piece to your look will always have you looking glamorous, chic and on point ;).

My look today is a simple but fun version of the trend, a Metallic T-shirt with Jeans. Easy enough to pull off right?

I wore my favourite Metallic Rockstuds, which are the perfect colour. Last summer, I was set on getting the Poudre Pink Rockstuds, but the sales lady convinced me to buy this metallic shade, and I am so glad, because this is the perfect “neutral”, it can be worn with so many looks, it was a really good investment :).  So it’s always a good idea to invest in Metallic shoes, bags and accessories, trust me you will find many, many ways of wearing them.

What do you think of Metallics? Hope you are inspired to add some fun metallic pieces to your wardrobe.


Top : Warehouse | Jeans: Zara | Shoes : Valentino | Bracelet : Swarovski | Necklace : J.Crew

 DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0161 copy

DSC_0323 copy

DSC_0166 copy

DSC_0263 copy

DSC_0169 copy


DSC_0197 copy


DSC_0225 copy

DSC_0242 copy

DSC_0296 copy

DSC_0343 copy1

DSC_0287 copy


DSC_0146 copy

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