Dreaming of all things Aquazzura

As a self proclaimed shoe-lover, I am always on the lookout for my next buy :).

And I have been loving all these shoes by Aquazzura, the collection has such intricate details and elegant designs yet the shoes look so practical and comfortable. 

From the Spring 2016 collection, my favourite shoe has to be the Colorado Embroidered Suede Sandal. The Aztec pattern and colour combination of the embroidery is stunning. Edgardo Osorio, the mastermind behind the shoe brand, knows how to make the perfect embroidered shoes. 

From top to bottom, some of my picks: 

– Christy Suede Point-Toe Flats ($533)

– Byzantine Embellished Leather Point-Toe Flats ($849)

– Colorado Embroidered Suede Sandal ($762)

– Sexy Thing cutout Suede Sandal ($504)

What do you think of Aquzzuara’s Shoes?






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