Emerald Green with Metallic Pleats

Ramadan Kareem everyone :). This month I wanted to do a series of Modest looks that are appropriate for Ramadan. I hope these looks will give you some inspiration on dressing Modestly and help demonstrate that being Modest is Fashionable.

For my first look I wanted to style one of my favourite skirts from Zara (the Metallic Pleated Skirt I bought last month). I have written about my love for pleated skirts before, they are a must have for updating your wardrobe this year. And I really recommend buying this particular one because it is the great neutral metallic colour, that you will easily be able to coordinate with most of your existing wardrobe. And it’s currently on sale at Zara, so don’t miss out :).

In order to bring out the richness of the skirt, I paired it with an Emerald Green Top. I personally love this colour combination and how well the two colours complement one another, but it’s also important to keep the focus of the look just on these two colours (adding a third or fourth colour in the form of accessories would just not do justice to the look).

So to incorporate more Metallics , I wore my Metallic Rock Studs and added a Metallic Belt to the skirt. Wearing a belt with a pleated skirt is a personal choice, sometimes I feel the belt works well because it helps to accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer overall, but there are other times when the skirt is fine on its own. So I would try experimenting with a belt if I felt that the outfit looked incomplete. To finish off the look, I added some Green with my Statement Necklace and Bracelet. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration on dressing more Modestly for Ramadan. And don’t forget to have a little fun and twirl around when wearing a Pleated Skirt as demonstrated by me :). 

Top: Topshop | Skirt: Zara | Shoes Valentino | Belt : Mango | Necklace: ALDO | Bracelet : J Crew

DSC_0004 copy

DSC_0024 copy

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