It’s Kaftan Time

There’s nothing more beautiful and elegant than wearing a gorgeous Kaftan. My second look for the month of Ramadan is this stunning Kaftan that I bought from Qatar around five years ago. When I first saw this Kaftan in the store, I was drawn to the intricate detailing, the embellishments and the mirror work. This Kaftan is a timeless wardrobe staple, a piece like this would never go out of fashion, I get compliments every time I wear it. 

Traditionally, a Kaftan has always been a long flowing dress with sleeves that is worn in the Middle East and North Africa. Kaftan’s are so versatile because women wear them casually at home, or wear the formal ones to parties and weddings. That is the beauty of a Kaftan, it is a glamorous piece that is very easy to wear yet extremely comfortable. And they are available in a variety of fun, bright and vibrant colours, prints, fabrics and designs. So if you do go shopping in the Middle East or North Africa, you will definitely find one that is flattering for your body type and suits your style.

Nowadays several big retailers are producing their own versions of the Kaftan, there are shorter versions available for the beach or tunic versions which are worn with trousers or jeans. But my love has always been for the traditional pieces, which have the detailed neck and sleeve designs. And when worn they make you feel like a princess, not in a cliché way but there is seriously something so beautiful about a traditional Kaftan. 

The piece I am wearing today, is an elegant piece that is simple in colour, yet so exquisite in the detailing. I wanted the Kaftan to be the focal point of my look, so I kept my accessories simple, and just wore some Diamond jewelry, Silver pumps and a Silver clutch.

Hope you were liked this look for Ramadan, if you have any questions do email me I am always here to help :).

Kaftan: Reshi (store in Qatar) | Shoes Miu Miu | Bag : Swarovski | Earrings: Al Fardan Jewelry Qatar | Rings: Damas Jewelry in Qatar | 

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