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As much as I love creating different looks with my existing wardrobe, I am always looking at other fashionistas and bloggers for inspiration. I think it is important to experiment and push your boundaries with your personal style, because you only gain confidence when something new does work. It’s almost like you are learning to excel at a new task at school or work, you should always be aiming higher and higher.

So on that topic, Ruffles and Off the Shoulder Tops have been a huge trend this year, on and off the runways. I had been looking for the perfect ruffled and off shoulder top in stores, but I just couldn’t find one that would suit my frame correctly, they just weren’t fitting me right. So I started researching online; and I stumbled across http://storets.com (which has now become one of my favourite online stores). Storets has the most unique and trendiest clothes at affordable prices.

The Top I am wearing below is called the Vivian Ruched Sleeve Blouse – http://www.storets.com/vivian-ruched-sleeve-blouse-linen-fuchia.html. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on because I haven’t had the best luck in the past with buying clothes online. But I loved the fitting of this top, the ruffled sleeves and the material was so comfortable and breathable (very suitable for Singapore weather). Retailing for $74.00, that is cheaper than Zara prices and many of the other pieces I bought were around $50.00. And best of all, the items I ordered were delivered within three days to Singapore and shipping was free. So if you are looking to try a new look, but don’t want to spend too much money on seasonal trends, then Storets will have the perfect pieces for your needs. Their website is very easy to navigate, you can shop by trends they have a tab for Ruffles, Stripes, Off the Shoulder, Checks, Denim and Tassels.

My look today is edgy yet chic, I wore my Pink Blouse with Distressed Jeans and my favourite No.21 Twisted Front Mules. I think there are many ways to wear this Top, but I loved having the double ruffle effect with my Top and my shoes. And you can never go wrong with wearing Pink and Black together, it is one of my favourite colour combinations that will always be classy and fashionable.

Top : Storets | Jeans: Zara | Shoes : No.21 | Bracelets : Tiffany and Balenciaga| Necklace : Massimo Dutti| 

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