Morning Essentials

It was one of those mornings where I needed to sit and brainstorm articles for the Blog.

So I thought I would share a quick snapshot of my morning essentials for Blog Planning :).

Magazines always have the best inspiration and ideas; you get to read about current trends and see how celebrities and bloggers are wearing them street style and at events. Today I am reading the June issue of Harpers Bazaar Singapore, this is their special Social Media Issue featuring one of my favourite bloggers, Nicole Warne on the cover. Lots of good information in this issue for new bloggers, so do go and read this one.

My other everyday morning must haves include my skinny mocha from Artisan Boulangerie and Co. and my Chanel wallet and Sunglasses, where would I be without those :).

And of course my notebook and pen which always stays close to me, so I don’t miss writing down a thought.

What are your morning essentials 🙂 ?



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