Pure Bliss

My little one just started going to the same Montessori as her brother last week, for two hours a day. These two hours of the day are the most precious and useful to me because I get to research for my Blog posts, read magazines and my favourite Fashion websites and basically catch up on anything I have missed.

This shot truly is the definition of Pure Bliss to me; it is of one of my favourite coffee’s in Singapore – the Skinny Mocha at Arisan Boulangerie and Co (one of the best cafes and bakeries in Singapore, I could go on and on about their food, but the most convenient part is that its located right under the Montessori my children go to :)) .

I also love my kikki.K Planner, it’s really useful because it helps plan my Blog activities and my children’s social calendar. And of course I love all things Balenciaga especially with Gold Studs, my wallet is called the Giant Gold Money in Rose Jaipur. Isn’t the colour just perfect?

What’s your definition of Pure Bliss?