It’s all about Gucci’s Snake Heel Mules

For Spring / Summer 2016, Gucci released a series of unique and stunning Mules straight off the runway. The thing I loved most about them was the intricate snake coil detailing on the block heels of the Shoes.

Gucci produced several variations of the Mules using different colours, patterns and textures (some even had sequins and studs on the Heel). But I chose to try this pair, I loved the colour and style of this particular shoe. Even though, beige is such a neutral colour, the Gold piping and the leaf detailing on the shoe makes it so much more appealing. The heel is a gorgeous pink with a hand painted snake in green with black and white stripes. And even the soles of the shoes are beautiful with a floral motif. 

It’s amazing how a shoe with so many different elements can come together and look this good, don’t you agree? But don’t be intimated by all the elements of these Mules, they are surprisingly easy to wear and can be worn with jeans, culottes, dresses or skirts (you basically just have to make sure your ankles and the shoes can be seen in your outfit and you are good to go).

Do visit the store because you won’t believe how stunning these shoes are until you actually go see them in stores. This particular pair is retailing for US$ 1,100.00.  

And check out the other Mules on Gucci’s website –



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