Hello Yellow :)

It was a cloudy but gorgeous day in Singapore; and I thought it would be the perfect day to wear a bright colour like Yellow.

Yellow is one of the key colour trends for 2016. Not only did it dominate runways for the Spring and Fall collections; it is also one of Pantone’s top 10 colours for Spring 2016.

Most people find the thought of wearing such a bright and bold colour intimidating. But there are lots of shades of Yellow, from Pastel Lemon, Bright Sunshine to a Dark Mustard Yellow. So enough of the technicalities of the colour, but why should you wear Yellow? I personally feel that it’s such a happy colour to wear, it always makes me smile, feel creative and playful. 

The easiest way to try this trend is by introducing the colour to one piece of clothing from your outfit. So you could start with a jacket, top, pair of trousers or a skirt; but make sure it is the right shade of Yellow for your skin tone. Next I would keep the rest of the colours in your outfit to a minimum, you could try yellow and black, yellow and white, or yellow and blue. 

Once you get more comfortable wearing Yellow, you can always go for bolder looks. For example, Yellow and Red, Yellow and Pink, Yellow and Purple, the colour combination possibilities are endless.

But if you still don’t feel confident wearing Yellow, you can always incorporate it into your accessories. Make sure your outfit is neutral; and then add a pair of bright Yellow Pumps or a Yellow bag for that pop of colour. You can definitely go for bolder colours and be more playful with accessories.

For my look today, I kept it simple but added my Leather Jacket and Tan Leather Shoes to toughen up the look.

Hope this gives you some ideas on how to embrace your Yellow Side :), do message me if you have any questions.


Top : Warehouse | Jeans: Zara | Leather Jacket: Zara | Shoes : Zara| Bracelet : Balenciaga | Necklace : Mango 


DSC_0945 copy

DSC_0948 copy

DSC_0956 copy

DSC_0960 copy

DSC_0946 copy

DSC_0977 copy

DSC_0965 copy


DSC_0984 copy

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