Statement Necklace Loving @ ALDO

As you all know, I love all kinds of jewelry especially statement pieces.

This week I walked into ALDO and I found the most fun and gorgeous Statement Necklaces (the best part was that they were on sale and were being sold on a 3 for 2 offer). As a result of course I couldn’t help my self and I had to get three beautiful necklaces, all under S$50.00 . 

The beauty of a Statement Necklace or any other statement jewelry is that it elevates your look effortlessly and the simplest outfit becomes super chic. So for example, you could be wearing a simple T-Shirt and Jeans combination, but if you threw on any of the necklaces pictured below and put on a pair of Heels, you would be ready for a night out (no one would question your T-shirt and Jeans look when you walk into a nice restaurant). 

Statement Necklaces work well when styled with a simple outfit, so you could wear them with any of your Dresses, T – shirts, Tops, Collared Shirts (the options are truly endless).

Don’t be afraid to try them, I know that some of you might not like the necklaces I have chosen below because they might be too bold for your personality. But trust me, there are so many different types of Statement Necklaces, you will definitely find a necklace that will convey your personality and work best with your style. 

But when wearing a Statement Necklace, make sure the rest of your jewelry is simple, especially your earrings ( I would stick with simple studs). By keeping your jewelry simple, you are letting the statement pieces speak for themselves.

Have you tried wearing statement necklaces?




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